CODEL is an industrial engineering and electronics production company established in 1991.

Codel Solutions are a Made in the Midlands Silver Member

About Us

Our main solutions are Trace and Track and Quality Assurance informatics systems, as well as Automatic Identification, Product Marking, Warehouse Management and Quality Control.

We offer professional services and have great experience in finding, scoping and executing optimum technical solutions that utilize the newest technologies, all to the highest customer satisfaction. We construct systems using modern informatics, communications and automation technologies.


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Services Codel Solutions Provide



Codel provides customers with a programme analyses on the state of existing processes, and based on this we can suggest improvement for their business systems and processes, to increase efficiency and performance.


We consult with our clients to improve their processes, production and organization, and are able to offer a suite of process optimization and costs. Optimization methodologies tried and tested over 30 years in multiple industries.


We produce tailor-made solutions in accordance with world trends and and prevailing techniques, technologies and follow trends closely.


We have a customer service organization that includes multiple levels of telephone and face to face contacts providing direct access to our experts.

Contact Us

1st Floor, Charles House, 148-149 Gt Charles Street, Birmingham, B3 3HT
Tel: 01925 933343